Computer Design Software Key Features:

  • Assist in the design of rotor profiles through an inter-active process that ensures a mathematically correct profile. In this system practically all existing screw rotor profiles can be recreated, as well as blower profiles and gear profiles of various kinds. For the design of new profiles, there is almost complete freedom with respect to form, number of lobes, etc.
  • Calculate and display the intermesh sealing line
  • Calculate and display the blowhole
  • Check the torque distribution between the two rotors
  • Change the size and co-ordinate point spacing of a given profile
  • Compute the change in volume with the rotational angle
  • Calculate radial/axial rotor forces and torque for any combination of input data
  • Apply clearances along the rotor profile in a fully flexible way
  • Calculate the form of roughing and finishing tools for the manufacture of screw rotors when end milling, single index milling, grinding or hobbing is used
  • Modify the form of a particular tool
  • Simulate geometrically the single index milling, grinding and hobbing, including all possible errors in the process
  • Calculate the interlobe clearances for different center distances;
  • Digest the output of rotor measurements in a CMM;
  • Calculate the interlobe clearances for a set of CMM-measured rotors...

The programs can be purchased as one package, or in pieces. Certain programs are inter-related.

More details about these programs can be found in the papers entitled "A Modern Way to Good Screw Rotors" and "Software Support for Screw Rotor Design, Manufacture and Quality Control" from the 1992 Purdue Compressor Conference.

A number of prestigious screw compressor manufacturers are now making good use of these programs. New programs are under development. Programs to meet specific customer needs can be discussed.


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